About Us

Home is where a family builds their relationships among each other. And through fun activities at home, a family reinforces their relationships. This is what our company seeks for our clients to achieve, strongly knitted family ties by means of holistic bonding at home.

The company began its existence in the industry in 1978 as a dealer of home entertainment appliances in a small town in Georgia. The company now expanded and established about 27 stores within the United States and Canada.

Today, our company is not only a dealer of home entertainment and amusement supplies, we are also anyone’s source of sound advice and information about the trends in home entertainment and the most useful tips in building your own entertainment facilities at home which will serve as your bonding hub for your family.

Our lines are always open. Contact us for inquiries regarding our products and services. You can also reach us for pieces of advice. Our call center agents are always ready to talk to you and listen to your concerns.